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New Weapons in the Fight against Cancer

Last week, we were lucky enough to hear firsthand about GE’s ambitious plans to speed the fight against cancer. On September 15 in New York City, GE launched their new healthymagination effort aimed at accelerating cancer innovation and improving care for 10 million cancer patients around the world by 2020. GE also announced a $100 million open innovation challenge to fund promising ideas to improve breast cancer diagnostics.

In attendance were muy important people like GE CEO Jeff Immelt; GE CMO Beth Comstock; Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure; and Nancy Snyderman, MD, chief medical editor for NBC News — plus Howcast!

Why Howcast? Glad you asked. We recently partnered with GE on an informative video about the company’s innovative personalized diagnostics, and we were thrilled to see it debut at the event. Here’s a shot of the video screening behind Mr. Immelt himself (imagine us all nervous and excited in the back):

During our continued partnership, we’ve witnessed GE’s dedication to better health for more people, and we can definitely attest to the motto that they’re “taking cancer personally.” Check out the video below!

250K Milestone

These days, the number of friends, likes, and followers you have across Facebook and Twitter pretty much serves as the ultimate status symbol in social media. On YouTube, the reigning champ of online video, subscribers are the major indication of your influence throughout the interwebs. Which is why it’s HUGE news that Howcast just surpassed the 250,000 subscriber mark, more than Jimmy Kimmel Live, ESPN, or Sesame Street (sorry, Bert and Ernie!). If you’re not one of those lucky 250K who get alerts every time we upload a great new how-to video to our channel, we’ll excuse you for a few seconds while you go and subscribe here.
Sub Screenshot
And while you’re at it, make sure to check out — and subscribe to — our new category channels: Sports & Fitness, Food & Drink, Technology, Arts & Recreation, and Gaming.

We’re thrilled to have all of you on board as subscribers! It’s thanks to you that this virtual social butterfly can continue to flap its wings.

-Indy S., Community and Operations Associate and YouTube Aficionado

Behind the Scenes of Our New YouTube Series Party Builders

How do you throw a killer party? That’s the question we set out to answer in our new web series Party Builders. And boy, did we have fun answering it! From New York to Doha to Miami, we globe-trotted in search of the world’s hottest events, and how their planning teams pulled them off. One of my favorite lines from an episode highlighting Lingerie New York: “Aerialists. Why not aerialists?” Why not indeed! Our criteria for choosing which parties to feature included exciting performances, intriguing backstories, exhilarating settings, and potential for incredible behind-the-scenes glimpses.

As Party Builders’ Supervising Producer, it was amazing to see all the raw footage — more than 40 hours per 4-minute episode! — and understand the gargantuan amount of work that went into these events. Publicists, caterers, site designers, talent bookers, venue operators, production riggers, hair stylists, makeup artists…the list is endless. And in what other series can you find both camel and latex lingerie wranglers?! I’m already thinking of how I can apply what I’ve learned to my daughter’s next birthday party.

We hope you enjoy our exclusive YouTube series Party Builders! To whet your appetite, watch our latest episode below, from the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. And check out our Party Builders YouTube channel every Wednesday for a new episode!

Paul L., Director of Production

Empowering Digital Activists: Guest Post from Movements.Org

Like the rest of the world, Howcast has been following the historic events in Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere pretty closely. As a digital media company, it’s been fascinating to see the intersection between activism online and on the ground. One organization we’re particularly fond of that’s dedicated to helping grassroots activists make a greater impact through the use of new technologies is — our CEO, Jason Liebman, is a cofounder, and former Howcaster Rachel Silver is the group’s Development and Corporate Partnerships Manager. Howcast is thrilled to host this guest blog post from Rachel — read on for the latest news from!

Rachel S., Development and Corporate Partnerships Manager,

Last week launched a digital hub that allows activists to connect on- and offline, access resources, and share their stories both with each other and with supporters throughout the world. Like Howcast, empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information. We provide how-to guides and videos, case studies, and commentary that help activists use social media and connection technologies for non-violent social change.

We actually hadn’t intended to launch last week, but decided to move up our launch given the rapidly developing events in Egypt and demand for our resources at such a crucial moment. What we’ve seen in the Middle East and North Africa is that people are using social media not only to connect with people inside their countries to organize, but also with the rest of the world to share their stories. With a cellular phone or a laptop, anyone can become a citizen journalist.

Check out some of our guides: How to Browse Facebook More Safely by Enabling HTTPS, How to Remain Connected if Your Internet Gets Shut Down, 5 Ways You Can Help Egyptians from Anywhere, and How to Use Email and Mobile Securely. Our goal is to provide resources for people on the ground, their supporters around the world, and activists in other countries who may one day find themselves in a similar situation.

We couldn’t be more excited about our launch, and we encourage everyone to check out!

- Rachel S., Development and Corporate Partnerships Manager,

Turning a Page: Howcast for NOOKcolor

Today, Barnes & Noble is adding a new chapter to its ebook story by announcing its next-generation ebook device, the NOOKcolor. Howcast is especially excited about this news because we are one of just a handful of partners to have an app included in the NOOKcolor’s initial app shelf.  We think it’s a smart move to pair related content with the ebook reading experience, since it opens up lots of very exciting possibilities that will ultimately enhance how people discover and absorb all kinds of content on these devices.

On a personal note, I am particularly excited, since prior to cofounding Howcast and working at Google, I was the General Manager of For a short time, I was even responsible for their ebook business. But that was way back in 2001 when ebooks were a novel format in desperate search of a market.

Now, more people than ever are choosing to read on screens rather than paper. I am one of them, and having quick access to related video or apps will be very useful. That said, I still like to turn a physical page from time to time. I may be part of a shrinking minority, but unlike the transition from LPs to CDs to MP3s, where the actual process of listening essentially remained unchanged, technology has not yet replicated the simple and elegant interface of a physical book. But it certainly is coming.

Before long, we will see flexible, wireless, full color e-paper that will marry that perfect physical package of a paper book with the endless possibilities of a networked world of content.

I can’t wait to turn that page.

- Daniel Blackman, COO and cofounder

Introducing Howcast for iPhone v2.0

It’s been nearly two years since we released our Howcast for iPhone app.  Over that time, our app has been featured in a television commercial and eclipsed 1.5 million installs, and we’ve made several improvements to the app along the way. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the most significant improvement since its launch — v2.0.

In addition to giving users the ability to search for any how-to video whenever and wherever they need it, Howcast for iPhone v2.0 introduces video recommendations that are customized to be relevant to users’ likes and interests. Think of it as, personalized for you.

To start, Howcast will send you a video of the day in the Recommended tab of the app. In subsequent versions of the app, we’ll expand these recommendations to take account of videos that you’ve watched or liked, and interests that you’ve specified. And, if you don’t happen to like any of the videos that are recommended to you, you can disable the recommendations in the app’s settings.

We’ve also launched Facebook Connect in the app to make it easy for you to sign in using your Facebook account and share videos on your Wall in a single click. On the video details page, click the “Facebook” button to sign in and share. Facebook Connect also enables us to tailor video recommendations personalized to your interests.

We’re excited because Howcast for iPhone v2.0 is the start of a new and improved way for mobile users to get access to great how-to videos. Download it now and let us know what you think!

-Sanjay Raman, Chief Product Officer and cofounder

Hey filmmakers, school is in session!

Today the Emerging Filmmakers Program kicks off a semester’s worth of digital filmmaking tips and tricks with YouTube. After three years working with filmmakers from all over the world, we’ve learned quite a bit about their concerns surrounding online filmmaking. What’s the best way to export for the web? What’s a codec? What are other filmmakers doing to build an online community of viewers and collaborators? And where are trusted sources for information?

Starting today and wrapping up on December 17, we’ll be answering these questions and more on YouTube in a Modern 101 for Emerging Digital Filmmakers. Every Friday you’ll find a new post on YouTube’s blog. Through case studies, interviews, and curated lists we’ll be talking about the sites every filmmaker should be aware of; how filmmakers are making great web video cheaply; how you can distribute and promote your work on the web; who you should be following on Twitter; and more. And, we’ll be taking your questions, so ask away!

Today: Embracing exploration — filmmakers on the web. Next up: breakfast with Howcast filmmakers — a video mashup of our filmmakers sharing their take on web video.

Let’s get digital!

-Heather M., Director, Filmmaker Program


Next time you pull in to your local service station to gas up the car, don’t be surprised if you run into that familiar Howcast logo.

In line with our on-going mission to bring you how-to’s whenever and wherever you need them, Howcast has partnered with PumpTop TV to provide videos on over 12,900 screens at gas stations and convenience stores across the United States. This new relationship will allow Howcast to reach an additional 20 million viewers each month.

Because time is short at the pump, PumpTop will be featuring our ever-expanding library of Quick Tips, which provide creative, fun solutions to everyday dilemmas in 15 seconds or less.

We’re very excited about this partnership and have enjoyed seeing it roll out over the past several weeks.

Are you interested in partnering with Howcast? Give me a shout at [email protected].

Drive safely!

- Michael Hershfield, director of business development

Now in Alpha, Howcast Goes LIVE on YouTube

Hey, Howcasters! We’ve got some really exciting news today: we’re partnering with YouTube to help alpha test its brand-new live-streaming product!

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be streaming 3 live segments that show you how-to right as it happens — on the web’s biggest stage. You can even add real-time comments while we’re live-streaming, and we can respond instantly!

We’ve got the inside look into digital filmmaking, flashy magic tricks, and cooking tutorials. Check out what we’ve got planned for our LIVE broadcasts:

  • Today (Sept. 13) at 12 noon ET: Tap your inner Spielberg, gain creative experience, and make some extra money with our Emerging Filmmakers Program. From shot lists to storyboards, lighting to post-production, we’ll show you how it’s done. See two actresses duke it out as the Howcast team takes you behind the scenes of the shoot for How To Avoid a Sucker Punch — complete with explosions!
  • Today (Sept. 13) at 4:00 p.m. ET: Think you could use a little magic in your life? Check out our live segment with Celebrity Magician Matt Wayne as he shares sleight-of-hand secrets in an exclusive 30-minute that’s nothing short of magical!
  • Tomorrow morning (Sept. 14) at 10:30 a.m. ET: We’ll head to the Chatwal Hotel’s hot new restaurant, the Lambs Club, in New York City, where chef Geoffrey Zakarian will demonstrate how to make a delectable end-of-summer meal.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think about the alpha product on the official YouTube blog in the comments section. You can also check out fellow YouTube partner segments via the embeddable gadget below.

And, remember: with live-streaming, anything can happen! So check out for more details on how to tune in and be part of the fun!

-Darlene L., VP of production and co-founder

And We’re Live! Howcast and NYC Media Help You Recycle Better, Wherever You May Be

Hey Howcasters!

Last month, we announced our partnership with NYC Media to produce a special video that makes it easy to learn how to recycle in New York (and far beyond!) no matter where you happen to be — even via a garbage truck. This video is part of a new initiative that lets you use your smartphone to scan the QR code (a specialized bar code) that appears on the side of every one of the 2,200 sanitation trucks serving New York’s five boroughs. Scan the code, and you can view videos and other digital content on your device — just like that.

That’s right: whether you’re standing next to a NYC sanitation truck scanning a QR code; navigating to, YouTube, or; or clicking to NYC Media’s TV channel you’ll be able to view the video and find out how to dispose of that empty carton or bottle the environmentally friendly way.

The video, How to Recycle in New York City, not only shows you how to recycle your waste in the Big Apple, but also serves up great recycling tips wherever you live. Tune in for bonus NYC factoids, like how many tons of refuse New Yorkers generate every day and how long it takes workers at a Staten Island recycling plant to turn recycled paper into cardboard pizza boxes.

Thanks to NYC Media for partnering with us — hope you enjoy the results!

-Katy Z., communications manager